Non-American Directed Gay Pornography

Although usually made with American backing three names stand out in the pantheon of porn directors as an alternative to American directed and made videos. The first is Kristen Bjorn was has made a reputation for himself and his videos by photographing men from all over the world in apparently natural, spontaneous sexual situations. His videos feature large casts of men from different ethnic backgrounds but all his actors are powerfully built, masculine men. The second is Jean-Paul Cadinot. His videos, usually set in reform schools, school dormitories, scout troops and army barracks feature young ephebes having their way with each other with a lusty abandon not usually present in American videos. Lastly there is George Duroy pioneer of EuroAmerican videos such as 'Accidental Lovers' (1993) and 'Sauna Paradiso' (1994) that have been shot using American money in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain, using East European models (see photograph below).


George Duroy. "Untitled." 1994


Milan Demko, Victor Gravek, Pavol Zurek and Thomas Novak.

George Duroy.
Image from 'Sauna Paradiso'.
Pornography video.
Falcon International Collection.



His videos include a combination of athletic, young performers who are all smooth; from the slim and toned ephebe to the more muscular built lad. And well built they are. The above and below images are a good examples of both body types. The boys, for they are not men in the American sense of the porn video word, really do seem to enjoy having sex and 'making it' with each other in a loving and intimate way. Which is fantastic!

As Dean Durber, in an article for Blue Magazine called "New Wood" says,

"Even if the innocence of much cuter and younger faces is forced off the shelves, the recent interest in intimacy and tenderness cannot be ignored. We might yet see older men on screen who actually appear to enjoy what they do. Especially if there's money to be made and pleasure to be had."

Why forced off the shelves? Apparently because of concerns over pederasty (love of young boys) and the perceived age of the ephebes involved (although there has been no evidence of this in the five years since I wrote the original text). But here's the rub - it's all in the name of money in the end. It's all about selling product, as long as the models get paid and are having a good time. The fantasy scenarios are just that - idealised fantasies. They are set up to sell product and use body image to do so. These EuroAmerican videos just use the fresh new faces and bodies of muscular young men (images of ephebes stretching in a lineage from Frederick Holland Day to the Super 8mm pornography films we saw earlier) to appeal to a different market demographic in order to do so.


Anon. "Untitled." 1999
Image from 'Lucky Lukas'.
Pornography video.
Blue Diamond Video Services.
'Meetmarket' section in
Outrage Magazine.


Let me comment on just one more thing that happens in a lot of porn videos. I have noticed that it is usually the bigger guy (either dick or body size) that fucks the smaller guy therefore marking him as the man - no matter who is making the video. Commenting, unwittingly, on this disparity in body size Stan Ward in his review of 'Sauna Paradiso' says that when the boys in the first photograph on this page have a fourway,

"Soon enough the boys are separated from the men. Novak and Demko continue the oral action while Gravec gives Zurek a royal screw up the arse ... For the money shots, the boys and men come together ... "


Does that mean that if you have a smaller body that you are not a man? Does it mean that to be a gay man you have to partake in anal sex? It would seem that a big cock or its substitute, a big body, will always classify you as a man and not a boy and to participate in anal sex will make you a man not a boy. But whether its boys or men, gay pornography is there for one major reason - to make money within a media driven, image conscious consumer society.