Image No. 41605-6. Anonymous. 1940-50.

2 men both wearing trousers, one naked from the waist upwards. Both have erect dicks sticking out of their flys, one also has his balls showing. Both have hairy chests.

Image No. 41634/41645. Anonymous. n.d.

2 men lying on a bed, one has a hard-on. Background figure is out of focus. One body is more hunky than the other. Ash tray on bed. Good image. Image No. 41645 is more in focus and the image has been reversed in the printing.

Image No. 41637-39. Anonymous. n.d.

2 men on bed, one posing with an erection. Good set.

Image No. 41701. Anonymous. French 1885-1890. Acquired 1949.

2 men engaged in sex, one 'rimming' the other over a bench, curtain in background. Smooth, natural bodies.

Image No. 41705. Anonymous. French c.1910.

2 men on couch, one 'rimming' the other. One younger man, the other older. Young man being 'rimmed' has an erection and has one leg in the air. He is holding his own dick and balls. Both have smooth, slim bodies. Tiny but beautiful photograph.

Image No. 41706. Anonymous. 1924. Acquired 1946.

One young man is seated on a chair in a garden 'rimming' another young man standing who has an erection. Seated guy has reached around the front of standing young man and has his hand on erect dick. Natural bodies, smooth but not built.

Image No. 41913. Anonymous. 1924. Acquired 1946.

Same young men as above but the boy being 'rimmed' now turns the other young man around and is fucking him over the back of the chair!

Image No. 44012. Anonymous. 1924. Acquired 1946.

Same pair as above. The boy who was being fucked in the above photograph is now seated with an erection and is fondling the other boys flaccid penis. The other boy is kneeling in front of him.


Very good body image stuff.

This is a good sequence of photographs that shows m2m sex and body images in the 1920s. I wonder whether the sequence is best served by being split up within the collection due to the classification system used to identify m2m sexual photographs by the actions contained within them.


Image No. 42460-1. Anonymous. 1945-48. Acquired 1950.

Dark backdrop and carpet. Teenage nude boy and older man (40 years old?) with woollen cap and skivvy on, cigarette hanging from mouth, naked from waist down. In first photograph the teenage boy who is slim, smooth and quite beautiful is smiling and looking straight at the camera, arm around the older mans neck. One leg is raised. In the second photograph the teenage boy is being penetrated by the older man. Teenage boy is standing up, resting his arms on the back of a chair for support.


These are 2 quite surprising photographs because of the age difference between the participants and the fact that the boy is smiling in the first one and does not seem to be under any duress. Our contemporary revulsion towards pederasty is brought into full play in these images, as the older man looks a bit like a tramp or lecherous sailor with his skivvy, cap and cigarette whilst the teenage boy seems too smooth and innocent and young to be having sex with him.


Image No. 42218. Anonymous. 1940s. Acquired 1947.

Young man with good pecs fucking another young man with blond hair and tan line over a bed. Young man doing the fucking is bigger but the boy on the bed has a nice back! Very good image.

Image No. 42606. Anonymous. French 1890. Acquired 1945.

2 prone men, bottom one holding his erect penis whilst being fucked by man on top. Painted palm trees as a backdrop. A good example of early M2M sex and natural bodies. The bodies of the Victorian/Edwardian era seem to be thicker than contemporary bodies and a completely different shape in a lumpy sort of way.

Lots of the early photographs of men fucking and sucking and in the nude were of French origin.

Lots of photographs of men in uniforms 1940-1947 having sex, fellatio in their uniforms! Home photographs have a much more spontaneous appeal than the staged film still type. Posed home photographs of m2m sex have a certain naive charm.


Image No. 43115-9. Anonymous. 1950-58. Acquired 1961.

2 nude men on a bed performing fellatio. One, who hides his face, has obviously undertaken some bodybuilding - big arms, pecs, washboard stomach, etc., ... Interesting series. Best Image is No. 43117.

Image No. 43127-30. Anonymous. Chicago 1955+-. Acquired 1960.

2 nude men performing fellatio on a beach. Best Image of 2 hunky, built boys is No. 43128. Washboard stomach on boy standing being sucked off. Pec and arm development too. He has tan line of bathers, freckles, blond hair and tattoo saying 'Dick' with rocker type hair.


Some images of m2m sex are such badly composed photographs - really crude snapshots.


Image No. 43315. Anonymous. n.d. 1960s?

Young man seated sucking off other young man who is side on, standing. His hand holds his erect penis. Both bodies are slim, boyish, thin arms, washboard stomachs, and both have no chest development.

Image No. 43669. Anonymous. NYC. 1967?

From a series of fellatio shots. One young man is on his knees sucking off another young man who is posed, flexing his arms and lats and clenching his fists, trying to be a bodybuilder? Smooth, toned, v-shaped, slight hair on chest.

Image No. 43811. Anonymous. 1948+. NYC Police Dept., Acquired 1946.

3 young men on a bed, all nude, 2 face the camera with arms around each other. Slim, smooth bodies showing, tan line on blond on left hand side. 3rd boy with back towards camera is sucking him off. Nothing is visible though you know what he is doing by where his head is. Dirty soles of feet on blond boy.


Like the idea of doing a series of photographs linking the dirty soles of feet in Caravaggio's paintings, dirty feet in pornography photographs, and dirty feet of people who walk around the city. Something there about the linkage between memory, history, identity, time, and transcendence. Explore.


Image No. 43974. Anonymous. 1946-48. Chicago Police Dept., Acquired 1968.

Dark print. 3 nude young men in room, slim, smooth bodies. One young man is grabbing the other by the arm. One boy is looking directly into camera. Very good image.

Image No. 44052. Anonymous. n.d.

2 slim, smooth, nude young men with erections - good body shots. One seated, the other resting on chair leg.

Image No. 44062. Russ Theiner. 1950.

One of the best - better than above? 2 nude young men, one holding the others semi-erect dick. Slim, not built - natural young men's bodies.

Image No. 44655. Anonymous. n.d. 1930s?

2 young men performing a 69 in a countryside field. Slim, smooth bodies.


Very unusual in that they are fucking and are photographed outdoors in a country field in the 1930s! Image a must see.